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When they need to know you really care!

Who needs or deserves a hug?

Send A Hug-Gram, The Ultimate Way to Send a Message!

Portion of the proceeds goes to Cancer research

Hug Someone! Send them Hugs-In-a-Can®

     Tears of joy...

That’s what the recipient of Hugs-In-A-Can will do when you send your greeting or message in the arms of our furry little fellow by the name of "Hugs"... the teddy bear for grown-ups!  

“Hugs” will not only warm the heart of your lucky recipient but will also show them just how much you think of them.   
It’s a unique and upscale gift, and one that shows you put some thought into what to lavish on the person fortunate enough to receive your personal message in this manner.  

To add to the excitement "Hugs" also holds a little black velvet pouch. Inside, a keepsake signature white stone engraved with the magical words "Consider yourself hugged!"

The only thing missing in the can is a tissue for the person that gets your Hugs to use to dab their eyes as tears of emotion and appreciation flow—when they open up your Hug Can

It's quite possibly the most unique & wonderful way to send a message and to show someone you REALLY care! 


A portion of the proceeds of each Teddy Bear Hug-Gram goes to Cancer research.

We hope you'll love our little corner of the world!

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